Aurach - The beautiful alpine village near Kitzbuehel

Position: 5 kms in the South of Kitzbuehel

Size: Inhabitants: 1.203

Height: 800 to 2.000mts above sea level

History: Southerly from Kitzbuehel at the start of the Jochberg valley is the spread out village of Aurach with the Kirchweiler Oberaurach and the tiny village Unteraurach with a small rural communities on the East and South Easterly sides of the mountain.

The name of Aurach in 1280 to 1330 was known as Owirawe. In the Land Registrations Book from 1464 it belonged to the parish of Jochberg. Up to 1833 Aurach belonged to Jochberg, it was then given it’s own political council. The name of Aurach was accepted by the Kitzbuehel Council in 1952.

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